Welcome to Standard Paints

Standard Paint Industries was founded in 1969 in the industrial heart of Pakistan – Karachi. The company started as a manufacturing firm developing oxide colors and color earths for the famous ‘Blue Bird’ Brand colors on contractual basis for Standard Paint House - Karachi. Gradually with the passage of time, the need was felt to become self sufficient in oxides, color earths and other minerals heavily used in the making of the final product. 

The first development phase was to install an Oxide Manufacturing Plant which made ground in the year 1978 to manufacture high quality yellow and red oxide pigment colors. SPI oxide colors were not only sold to different industries throughout the country being the only plant in Pakistan, the products started being exported. 

In the second phase, a ‘Steam Jet Micronizing Plant’ was imported and installed which started to grind color earths (Red Oxide, Red & Yellow Ochre and Limonite) and later to produce calcium carbonate and chalk powder for the paint industry. Micronized Chalk (CaCo3) soon became in high demand in the local paint & rubber industry and it picked rapid fame and appreciation from the multinational paint manufactures. This laid the foundation for Standard Paint Industries as the pioneers of high quality white minerals as well.

The success in the white mineral industry and being the pioneers of bringing the mineral grinding technology in Pakistan, the need was felt to upgrade the grinding process and shift from Steam Jet Micronzer to the Ball Mill Grinding technology and for the first time ever in Pakistan, German equipment Alpine Classifiers were installed and introduced in the country. It gave an edge to the SPI over others in delivering high quality products. The technology advancement also opened the international doors for white minerals export to various countries. Ever since then, Standard Paint Industries sustained efforts towards excellence and innovation has made it a prominent name in the industrial arena.

Whereas Standard Paint Industries' dry color division completely focuses on the oxide colors. The manufacturing contract with Standard Paint House [Blue Bird] ended and Standard Paints introduced their own brand named Taj Mahal and Khajoor Brand in the retail market of oxide colors packed in 400, 200 &100gm packets and 25 & 10 kg bags.

Khajoor White brand chalk powder was introduced in 20 Kg Bags which is known for high quality in the market.